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ID Card Examples
You can find your Member ID on your ID card or in your enrollment materials. If you do not have these materials, you can enter your Social Security number instead of your Member ID.

To register, you must:

1. Enter your First Name and Last Name
2. Enter your Date of Birth
3. Enter your ID number (found on your ID card) or Social Security number in the Member ID Number field.
4. Enter your Group or Policy number.
5. Select a username and password for this website.

FSA-only Account - Please Note: If you have an FSA-only account, the Subscriber may register on this website. FSA account holders are not provided with an ID card, so the Subscriber will need to register following the steps outlined above, using their Social Security number in the Member ID Number field.

Dependents cannot register on this website.

Please note, the cards below are examples only. Your card may look slightly different.
Member ID: myMedicaDentalIDCardPassport
Group Number: myMedicaDentalIDCardPassport

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Today's Date: September 25, 2022